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HHU information on coronavirus

Current information on coronavirus

Main points in brief

We ask all HHU staff and students to observe the University’s test strategy.

[Latest updates]

  • It is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask outdoors on the HHU campus.
  • Provided certain conditions are met, business travel to high-risk areas is permitted. Travellers must provide proof of a ‘fully vaccinated’ status or of having recovered from Covid-19. On 7 June face-to-face teaching became possible again for all courses taught at HHU. Lecturers decide on an individual basis if a course will be taught face-to-face. Testing is no longer mandatory in order to attend classes taught face-to-face. However, we still recommend that students take a Covid test (self-test or community test) before attending a face-to-face class if they are not fully vaccinated or recovered from an infection. Both oral and written exams can take place face-to-face. There are two sites on campus where you can take a so-called community test (Bürgertest), in the lecture theatre building between the HHU and UKD campuses and in building 25.02.
  • On 23 June 2021, the University Medical Service began administering Covid-19 vaccinations to HHU employees. All employees have been informed of the procedure – see here for details.
  •  Based on the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance guidelines valid from 1 July 2021 passed by the German Ministry of Labour, the use of rooms by several people at the same time must be reduced to the necessary minimum. If the use of rooms by several people at the same time cannot be avoided, the need to wear a medical or FFP2 face mask must be reviewed. Masks of these types are available in HHU’s Lyreco web shop. Owing to the specific requirements of their work in connection with patient care, UKD and Faculty of Medicine regulations apply for Faculty of Medicine and UKD employees.
  • Café UNO (Studierendenwerk) opened on 7 June and will be open Monday until Friday from 11:30am to 2pm. It will offer a limited choice of cold and warm meals and snacks to go. The outdoor seating area will remain closed. Please check the Studierendenwerk website for more information: https://www.stw-d.de.
  • ULB  is open as a place to work and study. Also, more study rooms for participation in online lectures or to prepare for exams will open on campus on 14 June.
  • The regulations concerning work from home/telework as stipulated in the relevant service agreement have been suspended until further notice, but not beyond 31 July 2021. Should the pandemic situation be revoked before this date, HHU will announce a return to the regulations stipulated in the relevant service agreement as early as possible. Persons whose physical presence on campus is essential to maintain operations continue to be obliged to come to campus. All other persons should make use of the option to fully or partially work from home/perform telework or mobile work.
  • Persons who are required to undergo a period of self-isolation as stipulated in the General Regulations of the State of NRW must not enter HHU campus.
  • Here you can find information about how affected HHU employees [PDF-Download] and supervisors [updated PDF-Download] should react in case of a (suspected) infection.
  • See this link for HHU’s hygiene policy with information on working in offices and laboratories, examinations, work placements/internships, meetings/conferences and seminar rooms.
  • Currently, we are receiving a lot of spam emails at HHU that are allegedly sent by ZIM or WHO – please be alert.

[Last updated: 5 July 2021]

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