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HHU information on coronavirus

Current information on coronavirus

Main points in brief

We ask all HHU staff and students to observe the University’s test strategy.

[Latest updates]

  • In coordination with UKD, HHU is currently making all necessary preparations to offer Covid-19 vaccination to its employees which will be administered by the University’s medical service. Any relevant information will be made available here in due time.
  • Currently, ULB is only open for loaning and returning media. Neither the study spaces nor the reference collection on campus can be used. Please use ULB’s substantial digital services. For information about opening hours, terms of use and services, please check ULB’s websites.
  • Summer semester 2021 will be predominantly digital. Until at least 30 May, there will be no in-person lectures, exercises, seminars in the lecture theatres or seminar rooms.  
  • Based on the regulations for the protection against coronavirus, the Botanical Garden closed on 26 April 2021 and will remain closed to the public until further notice.
  • There are two sites on campus where you can take a so-called community test (Bürgertest), both in cooperation with relevant manufacturers: in the lecture theatre building between HHU and UKD campuses and in building 25.02.
  • Everywhere on campus and all properties used by HHU, a medical face mask must be worn.  
  • Laboratory practicals and other practical courses may only take place in person as an exception and following the approval by the responsible dean of studies.  
  • Oral examinations will continue to take place exclusively online. Written in-person examinations may continue to take place in compliance with the hygiene and social distancing regulations and following the approval by the responsible dean of studies.  
  • Final theses/projects may take place on site, provided the respective personnel and room situation allows for performing laboratory work in preparation of or in relation with the examination and in compliance with the hygiene regulations. The respective supervisor must approve.  
  • The regulations concerning work from home/telework as stipulated in the relevant service agreement have been suspended until further notice, but not beyond 30 June 2021. Should the German Bundestag revoke this regulation before that date, because it no longer considers the situation a pandemic of national scope, HHU will return to the regulations stipulated in the relevant service agreement. In that the case, any changes will be announced as early on as possible to enable our employees to plan. Persons, whose physical presence on campus is essential to maintain operations continue to be obliged to come to campus to the extent that is necessary. All other persons should make use of the option to fully or partially work from home/perform telework or mobile work.
  • On the basis of the SARS-CoV-2-Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance guidelines passed by the German Ministry of Labour, which will be in force/has been extended until 30 June 2021 for the time being, simple face coverings are not sufficient in case of the exceptions specified there (requirements regarding room occupation; minimum distance cannot be maintained; health hazards caused by increased exchange of aerosols). Instead, it is then mandatory to wear medical face masks or FFP2 masks. Masks of these types are available via HHU’s Lyreco web shop. Due to the explicit appeal to work from home/perform telework and the general hygiene and safety advice, the necessity to wear medical or FFP2 masks will only arise in very few exceptional cases. Owing to the specific requirements of their work in connection with patient care, UKD and Faculty of Medicine regulations apply for Faculty of Medicine and UKD employees.   
  • Persons who are required to undergo a period of self-isolation as stipulated in the General Regulations of the State of NRW must not enter HHU campus.
  • Persons from areas within Germany with a high number of coronavirus infections, and which sometimes are misleadingly called ‚risk areas‘, may still come to HHU. Only when an area has been put under quarantine by the authorities, persons from this area may no longer enter HHU campus. 
  • Here you can find information about how affected HHU employees and supervisors should react in case of a (suspected) infection.
  • See this link for HHU’s hygiene policy with information on working in offices and laboratories, examinations, work placements/internships, meetings/conferences and seminar rooms.
  • The Studierendenwerk has announced, that the main canteen (Mensa) in Universitätsstraße and all other cafés and canteens on HHU campus closed on 16 December 2020 and will remain closed until further notice. For more information check the Studierendenwek website.
  • Currently, we are receiving a lot of spam e-mails at HHU that are allegedly sent by ZIM or WHO – please be alert.

[Last updated: 03 May 2021]

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