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Lecturers topic group

This website gives you regularly updated information on general regulations. In addition, we recommend that you find out about the faculty-specific measures or programme-specific measures on the websites for your faculty and/or your study programme.

Main points for lecturers in brief

  • It is mandatory to wear a face covering in all buildings on the HHU campus and in all locations used by HHU off-campus. It may only be taken off when you are alone in a room or if a minimum distance of 1.5m can be kept to other persons and you are sitting in an allocated seat. Please comply with the further specifications on the employees’ website and additional specifications for the health care sector. Persons who cannot wear a face covering for medical reasons are exempt from the obligation to wear one. To prove this, they need a medical certificate, which they must carry on their person at all times.  
  • The telephone number must be collected for all in-person events with students (irrespective of the group size).

    Last updated: 14 September 2020: exams; teaching and studying; assistance for digital teaching; booking rooms.



[Updated on: 03 September 2020]

  • 19 October 2020, beginning of the lecture period for higher semester medical students
  • 26 October 2020, beginning of the lecture period for students in higher semesters and students starting a master’s degree course  
  • 19 to 23 October 2020, orientation week for first-year students (ESAG) on campus
  • 02 November 2020, beginning of the lecture period for first-year students starting bachelor’s degree courses and for degree programmes with state qualification
  • 12 February 2021, lecture period ends  

Teaching activities and studies in summer semester 2020

[Last updated: 03 September 2020]

For the winter semester 2020/21, HHU is planning a hybrid semester comprised of in-person, classroom teaching and online teaching. Only in this way can HHU continue to offer excellent teaching for all students during the coronavirus pandemic without giving up its commitment to being an on-campus, classroom-based university.

During the winter semester 2020/21, more in-person courses should be held at HHU again, to the extent that responsible handling of the coronavirus is ensured. Priority here is given to courses for first-year students and international students. They should get insights into university life and forge contacts in order to make their start into studying easier. In light of the current framework conditions, online teaching will still make up the largest part of the overall offer.

In-person teaching

With regard to lectures, seminars and tutorials, all classrooms for in-person teaching must be allocated among the faculties. As a general rule, HHU adheres to a minimum distance of 1.5 metres for all in-person formats. In addition, no more than 50 persons are allowed to participate in courses with physical presence, provided the spatial conditions permit this. Only in a few exceptional cases where students are taught in a small group throughout the semester can minimum distance be deviated from following approval by university management.

Courses such as laboratory practicals or bedside teaching, which require compulsory attendance and are held in special rooms, will also be conducted in-person whenever possible.

During on-campus courses, the regulations of HHU’s hygiene concept must generally be complied with as well as the special hygiene requirements, e.g., regarding practical training/placements and for examinations. Further guidance will be provided on time before the winter semester.

In accordance with the NRW Corona Pandemic Ordinance, it is also necessary to ensure that all participants at all on-campus events (e.g. lectures, consultation hours, examinations, viewing of exams, etc.) can be traced. Besides the name, the telephone number is required, too. For this reason, the name, student registration number and telephone number of all persons present must be provided in writing in each on-campus event. Lecturers can use the following form for this purpose. If necessary, the information must be submitted to the competent health authority. Inquiries made by the public health department are recorded centrally through the student and examination administration. Lecturers must protect the data from unauthorised access, and the data must be destroyed after a period of four weeks according to data protection requirements.

Online teaching

Due to limited room resources, most courses will have to be held as digital courses only. In addition, there will be students who, for various reasons, e.g., switching between in-person and online formats in the class schedule, because they belong to a risk group or because of quarantine regulations, will completely or partially be unable to come to HHU. They should also have the opportunity to participate in digital teaching. That’s why, in principle, all courses should also be offered digitally in the winter semester, unless the specific nature of the event makes in-person attendance compulsory, and this has been determined following consultation with the relevant deans of studies.

Based on experiences from the summer semester and results of the student survey, HHU recommends offering all online courses live, at least in phases, so that students can directly interact with the lecturers and fellow students. Independently of this, HHU suggests that lecturers additionally record all (live) formats for the students and provide them to the students in a flexible way (e.g. via the HHU media library).    


[Updated on: 14 September 2020]

General regulations

The Rectorate of HHU has adopted regulations to implement the Corona Epidemic University Ordinance (CEHVO).

In particular, the regulations mandate aspects such as flexible teaching and examination formats, cancellation policies, free exam attempts or resit opportunities, extension of the standard period of study during the corona pandemic. These regulations have been in force since 7 May 2020 and shall apply to the Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes at HHU until the start of the lecture period of winter semester 2020/2021, unless otherwise stipulated in the examination regulations.

In this context, lecturers are asked to note down non-attendance as an examination result in the student portal with the abbreviation ″ne.″

Written exams and viewing of exam papers

Until further notice, written exams will be coordinated centrally because capacities in lecture theatres are limited due to the current hygiene regulations. Specifications regarding the use of lecture theatres and recommendations for conducting written exams are provided in this guide, and in the leaflet on hygiene measures for implementing examinations.

Depending on the size of the group, own office rooms, larger seminar rooms or lecture theatres can be used to view exam papers in compliance with HHU’s hygiene concept and the traceability regulations. For implementation in seminar rooms and lecture theatres, the dates must be registered in a timely manner with the respective dean of studies, also stating the preferred time slot and expected number of persons. Information on viewing exam papers is also provided in the guide.

Oral exams

For oral exams requiring physical presence, the hygiene concept regulations (in particular, continuous adherence to maintaining the minimum distance of 1.5 metres) must be strictly complied with and traceability must be ensured.

Online exams

Oral and written exams can be taken online. Recommendations regarding this are given here:

Assistance for digital lectures

[Updated on: 14 September 2020]

Didactic assistance for digital teaching activities

Technical support provided by ZIM and MMZ

An overview of the digital tools used and for which ZIM offers technical support is provided in a wiki by ZIM.

In addition, an online consultation hour regarding digital teaching in cooperation with staff from the faculties and central institutions is now offered again every Wednesday in September, from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm, via Rocket.chat (log in using your univ. ID). The schedule will be expanded again for the winter semester. A tutorial on how to use Rocket Chat is provided here.

To enable lecturers and students to register for Webex, ZIM has set up a self-service interface, where you can apply for a Webex account with a license and also delete this account again yourself. Webex offers the possibility to store events held in a cloud. If these recordings do not appear in your own account, even after waiting for a longer period of time, please .

Lecture recordings

Microphone systems are available or currently being installed in all of HHU’s lecture theatres. These systems make it possible to record and stream speech with your own computer and to integrate it into a presentation shown in the lecture theatre as a screencast. LAN connections in the lecture theatres enable the in-person lecture to be streamed live. Screencasts produced in the lecture theatre can then, e.g., be made available through HHU’s media library. In the scope of a pilot project, recorders are being installed in some lecture theatres, which will make it easier to record presentations and sound. Cameras can be connected to these recorders, too. Lecturers have to learn how to use and operate these themselves.

To stream lectures live and/or make them available as screencast videos, you can use, e.g., external web conference tools like Cisco Webex outside of the lecture hall. Use of these external systems cannot overload HHU’s network infrastructure.

Lecture recordings in the lecture theatre with technical support from ZIM or MMZ can only be done on a very limited basis due to the existing technical and personnel resources.

All digitalised lectures can be provided via the HHU media library. The videos can then be integrated into learning platforms like ILIAS.

In general, when live streaming and recording lectures, copyright law in teaching, data protection and personal rights of the participants must be taken into account. Information about this can, e.g., be found on the Legal Department’s website.

E-learning platform ILIAS

The learning platform ILIAS primarily serves to provide interactive e-learning offers like chats, forums and online tests as well as pdf files. Video material should not be uploaded in ILIAS because this will have a strongly negative impact on ILIAS’ performance. Instead, lecture recordings should be provided in the HHU media library and interlinked in ILIAS.

Supported by a specialised service provider, ZIM is currently optimising and stabilising the learning platform ILIAS. However, in order to prevent overloading of ILIAS in the winter semester due to an overly high number of simultaneous accesses, lecturers are asked to provide the materials in a timely manner and to also communicate this to the students. Here, it should be taken into consideration that access rates on ILIAS are particularly high on Mondays, which slows down the system’s response time. We therefore urgently ask you to make it possible for the students to download materials in a staggered way over a period of time.

Copyright law

Services of the University and State Library (ULB)

The University and State Library (ULB) has expanded its digital offers and consultation services, which can be used on site. All information revolving around digital and on-site use of the library as well as contact persons for your questions/issues is provided on the ULB’s website.

Orders for textbooks will be placed in the usual way again through the relevant subject specialists.

Digitalisation assistants

The digitalisation assistants requested by the rectorate can register here for the qualification offered.

Room bookings

[Updated on: 14 September 2020]

The deans of studies of all faculties, in agreement with the room managers, have decided to centrally coordinate all room bookings in centrally managed rooms until further notice due to the applicable framework conditions.  

Currently, rooms can only be booked through the deans of studies or room booking management.

Classrooms are distributed according to a fair and transparent allocation key between the faculties, and in a staged procedure. A first allocation round of classrooms for the winter semester has already taken place and courses for first-year students are booked in HIS LSF. HHU aims to have mostly completed the allocation of classrooms by the beginning of October.

Still have questions?

For any further questions please send an e-mail to .


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