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Main points for students in brief

We ask all students to observe HHU’s test strategy.
  • Currently, ULB is only open for loaning and returning media. Neither the study spaces nor the reference collection on campus can be used. Please use ULS’s  substantial digital services. For information about opening hours, terms of use and services, please check ULB’s websites.
  • Summer semester 2021 will be predominantly digital. Until at least 30 May, there will be no in-person lectures, exercises, seminars in the lecture theatres or seminar rooms.
  • Wearing a medical face mask is mandatory all over campus and all properties used by HHU.
  • Laboratory practicals and other practical courses may only take place in person as an exception and following the approval by the responsible dean of studies.  
  • Oral examination will continue to take place exclusively online. Written in-person examinations may continue to take place in compliance with the hygiene and social distancing regulations and following the approval by the responsible dean of studies.  
  • Final theses/projects may take place on site, provided the respective personnel and room situation allows for performing laboratory work in preparation of or in relation with the examination and in compliance with the hygiene regulations. The respective supervisor must also approve. 

Last updated: 26 April 2021: main points in brief; general information; dates and deadlines; teaching and studying; study rooms on the campus.


General information

[Last updated: 26 April 2021]

To protect individual health and prevent further infections, Heinrich Heine University is taking the following preventive measures. These measures apply irrespective of whether initial symptoms of the disease have already been detected.

  1. A medical face mask must be worn everywhere on HHU campus as well as all inside all buildings used by HHU. The only exceptions are for lecturers during their lectures, provided that the minimum distance of 1.5m to other persons can be maintained, and for employees in their own workspace, provided that the required hygiene measures (e.g. a minimum distance of 1.5m to other persons or separation by (acrylic) glass) can be maintained there. Further specifications for the health care sector must be observed. Persons who cannot wear a face covering for medical reasons are exempt from the obligation to wear one. To prove this, they need a medical certificate which they must carry on their person at all times.  
  2. Students who are infected with SARS-Co-V-2 are not allowed to enter HHU (premises and buildings) until it has been proven that the disease has been cured or is no longer contagious.
  3. Provided that a stay-at-home order is mandatorily required by the public health office or the general regulations of the state of NRW, a ban from entering the campus is in place for students who have entered from an international high-risk area that has been designated as such by the Federal Government as well as for students who were or still are in close contact with persons infected with the coronavirus because they, e.g., are taking care of them or live with them in a common household. Compliance with further specifications, for example, in UKD in the patient care sector, must be ensured.

For information about the latest general hygiene and safety regulations as well as extensive information on what to do in case of a suspected or an actual infection, see the corona website.  

HHU pursues an intelligent test strategy on campus to make visits safer. In this context it offers self-tests and free Bürgertests (community tests). We ask all students who participate in in-person activities on campus to observe this test strategy.

To be able to quickly identify and contact any contact persons in case of a COVID-19 infection, traceability must be ensured in all in-person teaching. This is why you will be asked to leave your name, your student registration number and your telephone number in all of the events. The data will be stored securely for four weeks to prevent unauthorised access and either be passed on to the appropriate authorities should this become necessary or destroyed after four weeks.  

Dates & Deadlines

[Last updated: 26 April 2021]

Summer semester 2021

Lecture period: 12 April – 23 July 2021

1st exam phase: 26 July – 20 August 2021

2nd exam phase: 13 September – 01 October 2021


Winter semester 2021/2022

Orientation phase for new students (ESAG): 04 October -11 October 2021

Lecture period: 11 October 2021 – 05 February 2022

Teaching and studying

[Last updated: 26 April 2021]

The lecture period started on 12 April 2021. Unfortunately , the pandemic will continue to have massive effects on teaching at HHU.  The  focus therefore will be on digital teaching. Until at least 30 May 2021 no lectures or seminars will take place in the lecture theatres and seminar rooms.

The current legal provisions in NRW allow for only few exceptions. These exceptions concern mainly laboratory practicals or practical medical courses that require special work spaces.   

Should future legal provisions provide for it, we will try to offer as much in-person teaching as possible.    

The written examinations following the summer semester lecture period are planned to predominantly take place in-person in strict compliance with the hygiene regulations in place. To do this, the dates for the written exams will be spread out over a longer period of time, from 26 July to 20 August 2021. Oral exams will take place in digital form for the time being, but will return to in-person exams as soon as the infection rates and the legal situation allow for this.   

For an overview of  this summer semester’s courses, please check the programme catalogue (LSF). Students can obtain information about any course from the respective lecturer. HHU asks all lectures to communicate any pertinent information as early as possible.

[Last updated: 26 April 2021]

The small study rooms and the lecture theatres on HHU campus that have been set up to enable participation in online courses remain closed until further notice.  ULB’s study and work spaces are currently closed, too.


[Last updated: 13 April 2021]

HHU regulations to specify the Coronavirus Epidemic Higher Education Ordinance

The rectorate has passed university-wide regulations regarding flexible teaching and examination formats, withdrawal regulations and additional exam attempts for winter semester 2020/21. They are based on NRW statutory ordinance (coronavirus epidemic higher education ordinance). You can download the most recent regulations here.

In addition to this, the individual prescribed period of study for students who have been enrolled in winter semester 2020/2021 will be extended by one semester, a continuation of the summer semester 2020 regulations. 

To what extend these regulations will also apply this summer semester, we cannot tell yet, as this decision depends on the guidelines purported by the NRW state government.  

Written exams (13 April 2021)

In accordance with the latest NRW general decree, written exams may take place in person if the exam cannot be postponed due to legal or factual reasons, or if postponing it would be unacceptable for the examinees.  

The necessity to have a limited number of in-person written exams despite the ongoing pandemic, under strict observance of the hygiene and social distancing rules, is based exclusively on our aim to make it possible for HHU students to obtain a regular and recognised degree. All HHU lecturers have been asked to check if an exam that had been planned to take place in-person can be preplaced by a digital format that does not require on-campus presence. However, in many cases this is not possible because the competences that are getting tested cannot be transferred into an online format that offers equal and fair chances to all students.   

In compliance with strict safety measures, HHU wants to offer students the possibility to sit the written exams necessary to obtain their degree, but at the same time does not want to put pressure on anyone to actually hold or sit them.  For the rectorate this means finding the balance between the necessity of enabling the students to obtain a degree, and at the same time not exert pressure on the students to come to campus and sit these exams in person. To do justice to both aims, the following special regulations have been adopted for the written exams for courses which took place in:

  • Written in-person examinations are possible in principle in those cases where an exam result cannot be obtained via digital means, provided strict hygiene and social distancing rules are being followed.
  • Not showing up for an examination is treated like a regular withdrawal from the exam in all faculties.
  • Students who fail their module exam under the current difficult conditions in the pandemic, will be granted an additional attempt to re-sit this module exam once in a semester.  

In-person written exams will take place exclusively in lecture theatres or other well-ventilated rooms and all hygiene and social distancing regulations must be strictly observed. This includes the mandatory wearing of a medical face mask throughout the duration of the exam. Please bring your own medical face mask and wear it from the time you enter the building until the time you leave it, this includes the time you are writing the exam.  

Written examinations that follow the summer semester lecture period are also planned to take place in-person, in strict compliance with the hygiene regulations. To do this, the dates for the written exams have been spread over a longer period of time, from 26 July until 20 August 2021.

If you have any questions, please e-mail your lecturer or the responsible dean of studies office.   

In principle, online exams are permissible in all study programmes at present. For this purpose, HHU has passed university-wide guidelines which are currently being specified in the respective faculties.

Exam viewings (01 February 2021)

Exam viewings should take place online, if possible. As a rule, in-person exam viewings are only possible for students who failed their examinations.   

Oral exams

Individual oral exams can currently only take place online. Details will be managed by the faculties. Please contact your examiner and/or your dean of studies in case of questions.  

Students may withdraw from an oral examination until noon of the day before the examination. To withdraw from an exam, students can contact the examiner directly. In case of an acute illness, students may withdraw from the exam until the beginning of the exam if they can provide a doctor’s certificate.

Final theses and projects (23 March 2021)

Final theses or projects may continue and can continue to be registered, provided that they either do not require on-campus presence or that the laboratory work is in preparation of or an integral part of an examination and provided that the lab practice has already begun, the respective supervisor has agreed to the continuation of the work and that the premises concerned and the personnel situation permit compliance with the hygiene regulations. Experimental final projects can, of course, only be resumed for as long as this remains legally allowed and only for as long as the is no significant increase in the rate of new infections.   

Course organisation

[Last updated 13 April 2021]

Enrolment and re-registration

In order to enrol for a course you must have enrolled or re-registered as a full-time student.

Students can enrol, re-register or change subjects by sending the documents by post. It is not necessary for students to enrol or re-register in person. It is currently also possible to determine suitability for switching subjects on a master’s programme by e-mail. Please click on this link for information on applications.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Services hotline at 0211-8112345 or send an . You can find out more about responsibilities in the OnSSC.

Periods of study abroad (23 March 2021)

Erasmus stays abroad can go ahead as planned provided that the host university remains open to exchange students. A mix of digital and in-person lectures is possible here. At this point in time, it is not fully clear yet if fully digital semesters can be sponsored. You will only receive financial support for periods where you stayed abroad, no matter whether you use only digital or in-person teaching offers. As long as you are taking courses digitally from Germany, the International Office is not allowed to support this financially.

A stay abroad is possible and eligible for financial support even if the German Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning. However, the International Office expressly points out that health and safety are naturally top priorities in the Erasmus+ programme, too. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) therefore advises against staying in a high-risk area. Please refer to the travel warnings for tourist travel that the German Federal Foreign Office updates on a regular basis. When returning from a high-risk area, please observe the RKI’s applicable regulations regarding quarantine and/or testing.

If they wish, students may postpone their semester abroad intended to take place during winter semester 2021/22 and do it in summer semester 2022 instead. However, they have to get permission from the Erasmus officer in their respective subject and the host university. They also have to notify HHU’s International Office. They should also bear in mind that summer semesters in other countries often begin as early as January or February (and can therefore collide with the end of HHU’s winter semester).  

In the light of the current situation, the International Office recommends that you do not pay any travel expenses or transfer rent/rental deposits too far in advance.  If you cannot start your stay abroad at short notice due to measures against the spread of the coronavirus and you have already incurred costs, the International Office may be able to take over some of the costs.

Please contact if you have any questions.

The same basically applies to students who receive an HHU Mobility Grant / PROMOS. However, students who want to postphone their stay abroad until the summer semester must re-apply for a scholarship by 01 November 2021 because the scholarships are granted by calendar year only. Please contact in case of any questions.

Information for international students

[Last updated: 18 September 2020]

In principle, international students (degree-seeking and incomings) are subject to the same framework conditions and HHU recommendations as all other HHU students. Therefore, please note the further information on this website.

Please inform yourself about the current entry requirements before you enter the country. You can get information on the Federal Ministry of Health’s website.  

After your arrival, you can get tested for the coronavirus at airports, in doctors’ offices and in corona walk-in test centres. You’ll find information on the city of Düsseldorf’s corona website. The result of your corona test is positive? Then send your corona test result to the . The public health office will order a quarantine. Click here for information about the quarantine.

If you are entering the country from a high-risk area and are moving into a dormitory in Düsseldorf, you must present a corona test. You can get more information on the Düsseldorf Student Services Center’s website. You can complete your quarantine in your room in the Düsseldorf student dorm (status: September 2020). Please note that you have to organise the time spent in quarantine yourself, e.g., ordering food, drinks and, if necessary, medications through online ordering services in a contact-free way. After the quarantine period ends, you have to get tested for corona again. If the result of your test is positive, the public health office will inform you about the next steps.

Erasmus and exchange students who cannot or do not want to commence their planned studies or who want to cancel their studies at HHU due to the current situation should please . Students who want to obtain a degree at HHU should send any questions by .

If you have general questions about starting your studies, please .

Information for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses

The Information Centre for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses (Beratungsstelle für Studierende mit Behinderung oder chronischen Erkrankungen, BBST) will give you support and advice for questions regarding your studies. Here you can find the latest information on the counselling centre's office hours and services.

In the brochure „Low-barrier digital teaching for students“ [PDF document] you can find more information on low-barrier teaching particularly with regard to students with disabilities or chronic diseases.

Still have questions?

For further topics around lecture which you did not find in the information, please refer to the .

For all other questions, please send an e-mail to .

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