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Key points for students in brief

We ask all students to comply with HHU’s test strategy.

[latest updates]

  • Under all circumstances, many in-person courses will take place again during HHU’s winter semester. To make sure that in-person teaching is as safe as possible, participation in courses will only be possible for persons who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested with regard to a COVID19 infection (3G rule). Further details will be announced within the next few days. With regard to all details, please take into account that the exact legal requirements that will apply in October have unfortunately not been specified yet.
  • The Studierendenwerk informs that it is planned to reopen all gastronomic facilities including the central cafeteria with the exception of the café of the Faculty of Medicine from September 27, 2021.
  • All participants in attendance exams must be tested negative, fully vaccinated or recovered. Appropriate proof must be carried along with an official identification document and must be presented to the responsible persons. If the minimum distance is observed, the mask may be removed at the seat during the examination.

Last updated: 15 September 2021: Teaching and studying; 8 September 2021: Key points in brief, Traceability; Study rooms on campus; Exams.


Teaching and studying

[Last updated on: 15 September 2021]

In the winter semester, a large number of on-site courses will take place again at HHU in any case. The current planning status at HHU, which is based on the requirements of the Corona Protection Ordinance, provides the following framework conditions for teaching in the winter semester 2021/22:

In principle, teaching will return to presence teaching. The 3G rule applies to participation in on-site teaching. This means that access to a course or examination is restricted to participants who can prove that they have been fully vaccinated, have recovered from a COVID19 infection, or have tested negative (no more than 48 hours ago) upon access to the course. We will approach you with further details.

To the extent possible, faculty should provide students with digital companion offerings. The type of digital accompanying offers is determined by the individual teaching concepts and can range from the provision of detailed lecture notes to interactive livestream.
From October 01, 2021, all seats in teaching rooms can be occupied again. A medical mask must be worn inside HHU buildings. The mask may be removed during teaching by lecturers. Likewise, the mask may be removed at the fixed seating area if a minimum distance of 1.5 m from all other persons is maintained.

For courses with compulsory attendance, student absences due to quarantine will be treated as absences due to illness. Lecturers are strongly encouraged to generously offer substitute dates or services when organizationally possible.

The University administration will work to ensure that an opportunity for Corona testing will continue to be available on the HHU campus and/or University Hospital. However, any costs for necessary testing cannot be covered by HHU.
The handout detailing the regulations for on-campus teaching and testing at HHU is currently under revision and is expected to be available here by the end of September, when the next version of the Corona Protection Ordinance also goes into effect.

For all information, it should be taken into account that the exact legal requirements that will apply in October have unfortunately not yet been determined.

Contact Tracing

[Update: 08 September 2021]

In accordance with the Corona Protection Ordinance, contact tracking is no longer applicable; contact information is no longer collected.

Study rooms on campus

[Update: 08 September 2021]

Small study rooms

Small study rooms are available in buildings 23.02, 23.03 and 24.21.

These learning rooms can be occupied by a maximum of one person per learning room! Booking is mandatory via a web application for one event slot each.
Opening hours: Mondays to Thursdays, 10.30 am to 6 pm.

The users are responsible for complying with the rules regarding use of these rooms. In addition to the general rules of conduct, the rules especially include the obligation to only use the room individually. Furthermore, the small study rooms must be aired out by opening the windows for at least five minutes before using them. Security staff will monitor adherence to the rules.

Study and work spaces in ULB

The ULB is also open as a place to learn and work at the Central Library, the Specialised Medical Library and the Library for Legal Studies. The ULB currently has a limited number of study and work spaces available, which you can use by booking a place in advance. You can get details on the opening hours and rules regarding booking and use on the ULB’s website.


[Update: 08 September 2021]

Oral and written examinations as well as written examinations can be conducted online or in person.

All participants in face-to-face examinations (including teachers and examination supervisors) must have tested negative, be fully vaccinated or recovered.
Proof of this must be carried along with an official identification document and must be presented to the responsible persons. If the minimum distance of 1.5 m is maintained, students may remove the mask at their seat during the examination.

If you have any questions about the exams, exam dates and exam inspections, please contact your instructors or the relevant dean's offices by e-mail.

HHU regulations to specify the Coronavirus Epidemic Higher Education Ordinance (9 June 2021)

In consultation with the faculties, the Rectorate has also passed HHU regulations for the summer semester 2021 to specify the Coronavirus Epidemic Higher Education Ordinance. You can download them here (in German).

The free attempt regulation - one free attempt per module - will also be continued for the last time in summer semester 2021.

The withdrawal regulations for exams will be continued for summer semester 2021.

In addition, one semester will be added to the individualised standard period of study for students enrolled in summer semester 2021.

Different regulations for state examination programmes apply in some cases. These are explained in detail in HHU’s regulations. If you have any questions, please contact your Dean of Studies’ Office.

Organising your studies

[Last updated on: 9 August 2021]

Periods of study abroad (23 March 2021)

You can go ahead with your Erasmus stays as planned provided that the host university remains open to exchange/visiting students. A mix of digital and in-person stays is possible here. You will only receive financial support for the time you spend abroad, regardless of whether you only use digital or in-person teaching offers there. As long as you are taking the classes digitally from Germany, the International Office is not permitted to support this financially. 

A stay abroad is possible and eligible for funding even if the German Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning. However, the International Office would explicitly like to point out that health and safety are naturally top priorities in the Erasmus+ programme, too. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) therefore advises against staying in a high risk area. Please refer to the travel warnings for tourist trips that the German Federal Foreign Office updates on a regular basis. When returning from a high risk area, please observe the RKI’s applicable regulations regarding quarantine and/or testing.

If you want to, you can postpone your semester abroad intended to take place during winter semester 2021/22 to summer semester 2022 instead. However, you need to coordinate and agree on this with the Erasmus representative in your respective field of studies and the host university. You need to inform HHU’s International Office about this as well. You should also take into account that the summer semester abroad usually starts in January or February, depending on the country (and might therefore not coincide with the end of HHU’s winter semester).

In light of the current situation, the International Office recommends that you do not pay any travel expenses or transfer rental payments/rent deposits too far in advance. If you cannot start your stay abroad at short notice due to measures against the spread of the coronavirus and you have already incurred costs, the International Office may be able to take over some of these costs.


If you receive an HHU Mobility Grant/PROMOS, the same basically applies. However, if you postpone your stay abroad until the summer semester, you must reapply for a scholarship by 1 November 2021 because the scholarships are granted by calendar year only. .

International Students

[Last updated on: 19 July 2021]

In principle, international students (degree-seeking and incomings) are subject to the same framework conditions and HHU recommendations as those which are applicable for all HHU students. Therefore, please take into account the further information on this website.

Please get information about current entry requirements before you enter the country. You can obtain information on the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.

After your arrival, you can get tested for the coronavirus at airports, in doctors' offices and at corona walk-in test centres. You’ll find information on the city of Düsseldorf’s coronavirus website. The result of your corona test is positive? Then . The public health department will issue a quarantine order. Click here for information about the quarantine [Link: https://corona.duesseldorf.de/zielgruppen/infizierte/testung].

If you enter from a high risk area and are moving into a dormitory in Düsseldorf, you must present a corona test. You can obtain more information on your move into the dormitory on the Düsseldorf Student Services Centre’s (Studierendenwerk) website. You can complete your quarantine in your room in the Düsseldorf student dorm (as of July 2021). You have to organise the time spent in quarantine yourself, e.g., ordering food, drinks and, if necessary, medications via online ordering services in a contact-free way. In urgent cases, HHU offers a one-time, cost-free delivery of basic essentials. Please for further information.

After your quarantine period is over, you must get tested for the coronavirus again. If the result of your test is positive, the public health department will inform you about the next steps.

Erasmus and exchange students who cannot or do not want to start their planned period of study at HHU due to the current situation or who want to cancel their studies at HHU should please . Students who want to obtain a degree at HHU should send any questions by .

If you have any general questions about starting your studies, please .

Information for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses

The Information Centre for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses (Beratungsstelle für Studierende mit Behinderung oder chronischen Erkrankungen, BBST) will give you support and advice for questions regarding your studies. Here you can find the latest information on the counselling centre's office hours and services.

In the brochure "Low-barrier digital teaching for students" [PDF document] you can find more information on low-barrier teaching particularly with regard to students with disabilities or chronic diseases.

Information from the faculties

Still have questions?

For further topics around lecture which you did not find in the information, please refer to the .

For all other questions, please send an e-mail to .

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