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"Students" topic group

This website provides you with regularly updated information on general regulations. You will receive further information by e-mail. In addition, we recommend that you find out about the faculty-specific measures or course-specific measures on the websites for your faculty and your study programme and that you check your HHU e-mail account on regular basis.

Main points for students in brief

  • It is mandatory to wear a face covering in all buildings on HHU campus and in all locations used by HHU off-campus. It may only be taken off when you are alone in a room or if a minimum distance of 1.5m can be kept to other persons and you are sitting in an allocated seat. Please check the 'employees‘ site for further specifications. Specifications for the health care sector must be observed. Persons who cannot wear a face covering for medical reasons are exempt from the obligation to wear one. To prove this, they need a medical certificate which they must carry on their person at all times.
  • Stays abroad with HHU scholarships can still be planned and carried out, taking the current situation into consideration. Please contact the International Office about this as soon as possible.
  • For written exams which are set to take place in October 2020 but which are written in connection with a course that took place in summer semester 2020, the regulations regarding an additional attempt to pass apply.   
  • In order to quickly identify and contact any contact persons in the event of a COVID-19 infection it is mandatory to maintain a list of all attendees of on-campus courses. This is why students must leave their names, student registration number and telephone number when attending an on-campus event.    

Last updated: 21 September 2020: teaching and studying; 18 September 2020: dates/deadlines; study organisation; information for international students.


General information

[Last updated: 14 September 2020]

To protect individual health and prevent further infections, Heinrich Heine University is taking the following preventive measures. These measures apply irrespective of whether initial symptoms of the disease have already been detected.

  1. Since 1 September 2020, it is mandatory to wear a face covering in all buildings on HHU campus and in all locations used by HHU off-campus. It may only be removed when you are alone in a room or if you can keep a minimum distance of 1.5m to other persons and you are sitting in an allocated seat. Further specifications for the health care sector must be observed. Persons who cannot wear a face covering for medical reasons are exempt from the obligation to wear one. To prove this, they need a medical certificate which they must carry on their person at all times.
  2. Students who are infected with SARS-Co-V-2 are not allowed to enter HHU (premises and buildings) until it has been proven that the disease has been cured or is no longer contagious.
  3. Provided that a stay-at-home order is mandatorily required by the public health office or the general regulations of the state of NRW, a ban from entering the campus is in place for students who have entered from an international high-risk area that has been designated as such by the Federal Government as well as for students who were or still are in close contact with persons infected with the coronavirus because they, e.g., are taking care of them or live with them in a common household. Compliance with further specifications, for example, in UKD in the health care sector, must be ensured.

Click here for more information about the latest hygiene and safety regulations on the ‘corona website’.

To be able to quickly identify and contact any contact persons in case of a COVID-19 infection, traceability must be ensured in all in-person events (lectures, examinations, exam reviews, office hours etc.). This is why you will be asked to leave your name, your student registration number and your telephone number in all of the events. The data will be stored securely for four weeks to prevent unauthorised access and either be passed on to the appropriate authorities should this become necessary or destroyed after four weeks.  

Dates & Deadlines

[Last updated: 18 September 2020]

  • The winter semester’s lecture period starts on 26 October 2020. This applies to students in higher study semesters and in Master’s degree programmes.
  • The lecture period for first-semester students in Bachelor’s degree courses and students in a state examination programme starts on 2 November 2020.
  • Some departments/faculties may offer earlier courses for students in higher semesters. For example, the Medical Department is already starting digital courses for higher semesters on 19 October.
  • An orientation week will also be held before the lecture period starts for first-semester students (ESAG), which will tentatively take place from 19 to 23 October.

The lecture period ends for all students on 12 February 2021.

Teaching and studying

[Last updated: 21 September 2020]

For winter semester 2020/21, HHU is planning a ″hybrid“ semester comprised of in-person and online teaching in order to continue to offer all students excellent teaching during the corona pandemic without giving up its claim to be an in-person, campus-based university.

During winter semester 2020/21, more in-person events should be offered at HHU again to the extent that responsible handling of the coronavirus is ensured. Priority here is on events for first-year students and international students. They should get insights into university life and forge contacts so that their start into studying is easier. However, due to the current framework conditions, online teaching will make up the largest part of the overall offer.

The central task forces are discussing the prevalent circumstances step-by-step and planning measures for the upcoming winter semester. In the process, they’re including results of surveys among learners and students of the summer semester, which can be read on the Intranet. Classrooms are currently being allocated across all faculties and courses are successively being entered into HIS-LSF. HHU aims to have mostly finalised the allocation of classrooms for in-person courses by the beginning of October.

In-person, classroom teaching

For lectures, seminars and tutorials, all classrooms will be allocated between faculties from Monday to Friday and from morning until evening in accordance with a fair and traceable allocation key. As a rule, HHU adheres to minimum distance of 1.5 metres for all in-person formats. In addition, no more than a maximum number of 50< persons are allowed to participate in courses requiring physical presence if the spacing conditions permit this. Only in a few exceptional cases where students are taught in a small group throughout the semester can deviations be made from the minimum distance. Courses such as laboratory practicals or bedside teaching which mandatorily require physical presence and are held in special rooms will also be conducted in-person as far as possible and taking protection against infection into account.

In general, specifications of HHU’s hygiene concept must be complied with for events requiring physical presence as well as the special hygiene regulations, e.g., for practical training or for examinations. Further guidance will be provided on time before the winter semester.

Traceability must also be ensured in each teaching and practice-oriented event. You’ll find details under ″General Information.″

Online teaching

Due to limited room resources, most courses will have to be held in digital format only again. In order to enable students who for various reasons are unable to attend in-person courses completely or temporarily (e.g. due to rolling in-person class schedules or because they belong to a risk group) to generally participate in the courses, teachers should also offer all classroom-based, in-person courses online. Exceptions to this rule are events whose specific nature mandatorily requires physical presence.

To foster interaction between participants in courses, teachers were asked to at least offer their digital course live in phases, if this was not already the case in the summer semester. Following feedback from summer semester, access to HHU’s systems was optimised so that the systems are efficiently set up for the winter semester. Students can also find details of the courses and modes offered in winter semester in HIS LSF and on the relevant subjects’ websites.


[Last updated: 14 September 2020]

General regulations

HHU’s rectorate has adopted regulations for the implementation of the Coronavirus Epidemic University Directive (CEHVO).

Written exams

Exam periods during the summer semester must be extended due to limited lecture hall capacities. Please inform yourself about the dates for written exams, the applicable registration and deregistration regulations for exams for summer semester 2020 on the websites of the subject(s) you are studying, in the student portal and on the faculties’ websites. If you have any questions, please contact the responsible dean’s
offices of studies by e-mail.

During in-person exams, HHU’s hygiene concept regulations must be complied with. Your lecturers will inform you before the exam about any possible further hygiene measures. Please familiarise yourself with the regulations and procedures – compliance with them is compulsory.

In exceptional cases, written exams can be taken online, provided the appropriate examination regulations allow for this. Your lecturers will be able to inform you about the appropriate processes and regulations.

Until further notice, the failure to appear for an exam counts as a permissible withdrawal from the exam, provided the appropriate examination regulations allow for this. In case of questions, please contact your dean of studies' office or the appropriate examinations committee. 

Viewing exam papers

Exam papers can be viewed if the general hygiene regulations are observed. Please arrange a date with your lecturer. Please click this link for recommendations on how to view exam papers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Oral exams

Oral exams can be taken on campus, provided all of HHU’s hygiene and safety regulations are observed throughout.  

Individual oral exams can currently be carried out as an online video conference in so far as they are permitted by the applicable examination regulations. The examiner decides for each application whether an oral exam can be offered as an online video conference. Students must make the applications and provide reasons for the application. Certain requirements must also be met; please refer to HHU’s online exam guidelines for more information.

 Students may withdraw from an oral examination until noon of the day before the examination. To withdraw from an exam, students can contact the examiner directly. In case of an acute illness, students may withdraw from the exam until the beginning of the exam if they can provide a doctor’s certificate.  

Regulations regarding free exam attempts and examination resits

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students at HHU will get one additional opportunity to resit a failed module exam in summer semester 2020. This provision applies only once for each module exam and is effective irrespective of the number of attempts to pass the exam the student has already had.  For written exams which are set to take place in October 2020 but which are written in connection with a course that took place in summer semester 2020, the regulations regarding an additional attempt to pass apply.   

Please note the following for students of the state examination courses of the Faculty of Law: in accordance with section 25 (1) (1) of the JAG NRW, summer semester 2020 will not be considered in the calculation of the number of semesters for the ‘free’ exam attempt. Any academic achievements can, however, be still be credited. For more details, please see the letter by the Judicial Examination Office (Justizprüfungsamt) as of 19 May 2020.

The state examination degree courses in human medicine and dentistry are exempt from the above mentioned ‘free’ exam attempts and examination resits.

Course organisation

[Updated on: 18 September 2020]

Enrolment and re-registration

In order to enrol for a course you must have enrolled or re-registered as a full-time student.

Students can enrol, re-register or change subjects by sending the documents by post. It is not necessary for students to enrol or re-register in person. It is currently also possible to determine suitability for switching subjects on a master’s programme by e-mail. Please click on this link for information on applications.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Services hotline at 0211-8112345 or send an . You can find out more about responsibilities in the OnSSC.

Prescribed period of study

Summer semester 2020 is not counted as a programme-related semester. Exempt from this rule are courses of study with final exams set by the state if the regulations provided by the state allow for the extension of the prescribed period of study by one semester. The regulation is implemented in such a way that the student’s individual prescribed period of study is one semester longer than the general, prescribed period of study as stipulated in the currently valid examination regulations.

Periods of study abroad

Erasmus stays abroad can go ahead as planned from winter semester 2020/21 on provided that the host university remains open to exchange students. A mix of digital and in-person lectures is possible here. At this point in time, it is not fully clear yet if fully digital semesters can be sponsored. You will only receive financial support for periods where you stayed abroad, no matter whether you use only digital or in-person teaching offers. As long as you are taking courses digitally from Germany, the International Office is not allowed to support this financially.

A stay abroad is possible and eligible for financial support even if the German Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning. However, the International Office expressly points out that health and safety are naturally top priorities in the Erasmus+ programme, too. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) therefore advises against staying in a high-risk area. Please refer to the travel warnings for tourist travel that the German Federal Foreign Office updates on a regular basis. When returning from a high-risk area, please observe the RKI’s applicable regulations regarding quarantine and/or testing.

If they wish, students may postpone their semester abroad intended to take place during winter semester 2020/21 and do it in summer semester 2021. However, they have to get permission from the Erasmus officer in their respective subject and the host university. They also have to notify HHU’s International Office. They should also bear in mind that summer semesters in other countries often begin as early as January or February (and can therefore collide with the end of HHU’s winter semester).  

In the light of the current situation, the International Office recommends that you do not pay any travel expenses or transfer rent/rental deposits too far in advance.  If you cannot start your stay abroad at short notice due to measures against the spread of the coronavirus and you have already incurred costs, the International Office may be able to take over some of the costs.

Please contact if you have any questions.

The same basically applies to students who receive an HHU Mobility Grant / PROMOS. However, students who want to postphone their stay abroad until the summer semester must re-apply for a scholarship by 01 November 2020 because the scholarships are granted by calendar year only. Please contact in case of any questions.

Information for international students

[Last updated: 18 September 2020]

In principle, international students (degree-seeking and incomings) are subject to the same framework conditions and HHU recommendations as all other HHU students. Therefore, please note the further information on this website.

Please inform yourself about the current entry requirements before you enter the country. You can get information on the Federal Ministry of Health’s website.  

After your arrival, you can get tested for the coronavirus at airports, in doctors’ offices and in corona walk-in test centres. You’ll find information on the city of Düsseldorf’s corona websites. The result of your corona test is positive? Then send your corona test result to the . The public health office will order a quarantine. Click here for information about the quarantine.

If you are entering the country from a high-risk area and are moving into a dormitory in Düsseldorf, you must present a corona test. You can get more information on the Düsseldorf Student Services Center’s website. You can complete your quarantine in your room in the Düsseldorf student dorm (status: September 2020). Please note that you have to organise the time spent in quarantine yourself, e.g., ordering food, drinks and, if necessary, medications through online ordering services in a contact-free way. After the quarantine period ends, you have to get tested for corona again. If the result of your test is positive, the public health office will inform you about the next steps.

Erasmus and exchange students who cannot or do not want to commence their planned studies or who want to cancel their studies at HHU due to the current situation should please . Students who want to obtain a degree at HHU should send any questions by .

If you have general questions about starting your studies, please .

Information for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses

The Information Centre for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses (Beratungsstelle für Studierende mit Behinderung oder chronischen Erkrankungen, BBST) will give you support and advice for questions regarding your studies. Here you can find the latest information on office hours and services.

In the brochure „Low-barrier digital teaching for students“ [PDF document] you can find more information on low-barrier teaching particularly with regard to students with disabilities or chronic diseases.

Services of the central institutions

[Updated on: 14 September 2020]

Information on the current advice and counselling offered and on how to reach the central institutions (e.g. Student Services Center, International Office, Studierendenwerk etc.) can be found on the respective websites of the individual institutions.

Student Services Center (SSC)

The SSC is open for you Monday-Friday, from 9am-4pm. Of course, you can still contact the SSC regarding your issue by phone, e-mail or post. A list of the digital services available is provided at OnSSC

University and State Library

The University and State Library (ULB) has expanded its digital offers and consultation services. You can use these services onsite. You can find all information regarding digital and on-site use of the library as well as points of contact for your questions on ULB’s website.

The ULB has a limited number of learning and workstations available. A prerequisite for use of a workstation is that you book it in advance. You can get all information about this here.

Centre for Information and Media Technology

You can find an initial overview of the offerings and services provided by ZIM here. This is where you will find information on your uni ID, VPN access, your e-mail and HHU’s learning platforms. Further information on ZIM services is available here.

The ZIM study and computer rooms are closed. You can reach the ZIM help desk and by phone at 0211-8110111. You can access the virtual help desk here

Many of the teaching staff at HHU use the video conference service CISCO Webex for their lectures. If you wish to participate in a Webex video conference as a student you can do so via the link sent to you by your lecturer. If you, as a student, wish to invite others to join your own video conference you can register for Webex and create your own Webex account including licence via the self-service interface provided by ZIM. You can also delete this account via the interface. Check ZIM’s wiki for more detailed information.

Further information

E-mail of university management and faculty heads sent on 20 March 2020

Video message from the President from 7 April 2020

Video message dated 19 April 2020

Video message dated 25 May 2020

E-Mail message by HHU’s President dated 16 July 2020

E-Mail message by HHU’s President dated 31 August 2020

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For all other questions, please send an e-mail to .

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