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Test strategy

[Update: 26 April 2021]

On campus, HHU pursues an intelligent test strategy, in order to make the campus safer with the help of self-tests and free so-called ‘community tests’ (Bürgertests). This is to make sure that no HHU employees or students who have contracted coronavirus or who have been tested positive for the virus (and who cannot present a negative follow-up PCR test) come to campus.

To achieve this, all employees and students are asked to take a free so-called Bürgertest (community test) in a test centre near their place of residence once a week and in addition to that also take regular self-tests. These self-test kits can be obtained from HHU (see below). In case of a positive test result at home or at one of the test centres, you may not enter HHU campus.

Instead, you must contact your family doctor or a Covid test centre near your home to verify the test result. If that test result is negative, you may enter HHU campus, in case of a positive result you must quarantine in accordance with the legal provisions.

Bürgertest test centres

As one component of HHU’s test strategy, and to enable additional testing, there are two sites where you can take a free so-called Bürgertests (community tests) on campus. Both are in cooperation with relevant manufacturers:


As a second component of its test strategy, HHU opened two distribution sites on campus where all HHU students and employees can pick up one self-test per week. The distribution sites are: 

  • building 23.01, foyer level 00
  • building 26.11, foyer level U1

The distribution sites are staffed Monday – Friday from 7.30am to 4pm.

More information is available here:

Please note:

Self-tests are not protective against SARS-CoV-2 infection. However, they allow earlier detection of infection and thus better control of the spread of infection.

Self-tests for students working experimental final projects or doing a laboratory practical

Students who come to HHU to work on their experimental final projects or who are doing a  laboratory practical, receive the self-tests from the supervisor of the respective lab practical or, alternatively, the head of the research group the student is assigned to for his or her final project.   

These tests can be obtained in the required quantities via ZCL (chemicals distribution centre). The self-tests (up to two per week depending on the time/days spent in the laboratory each week) are to be taken before the beginning of each day in the laboratory, before travelling to campus. Exceptions can be made for organisational reasons. In those cases the self-test can be taken at HHU right before the beginning of the lab day.   

For more details look here. Separate regulations apply for Faculty of Medicine laboratory practicals.

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