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University operations

Key points for university operations in brief

  • The “University operations” topic group was checked and confirmed as up-to-date on 6 September 2022.
  • 3G status will no longer be checked as a prerequisite for participation in classes and exams. Different rules may apply in the UKD and medical buildings.
  • Different rules apply in the buildings on the UKD campus on the basis of the State Coronavirus Protection Ordinance.
  • The obligation to wear a mask ended on 6 Juni 2022. However, masks may of course continue to be worn after that date for precautionary reasons and/or out of consideration for others.
  • When you are outdoors on the HHU campus it is not mandatory to wear a face mask.
  • Please get information about operations of the Haus der Universität and Mickeln Castle (Schloss Mickeln) directly from their websites.

Last updated on: 13 September 2022: Committee work; 6 September 2022: Key points for university operations in brief.

Committee work

[Last updated on: 13 September 2022]

Guidelines for conducting internal university committee meetings (e.g., faculty councils, committees, boards, appointment committees, etc.) and for elections during the period of limited university operations.

Click here for the guidelines - as at 12 September 2022 (PDF Download)

Meetings/events, conferences, workshops

[Last updated on: 6 September 2022]

Conferences, internal workshops and similar events are permitted on campus. The usual – non-coronavirus-related – registration regulations naturally continue to apply..

You can find information about operations at the Haus der Universität and Schloss Mickeln (Mickeln Manor House) on their websites.

Closure of buildings

[Last updated on: 6 September 2022]

The buildings’ outside doors/entrances (except for ULB and SSC – see special opening hours) are open Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. in accordance with HHU’s house rules.

Building sector 22 (except for ZSL [building 22.07] – HHU is the operator) is run by the University Hospital Düsseldorf (UKD). If you have any questions about opening hours of 22 building groups, please contact the UKD directly.

The main canteen, Campus Vita and Café Uno restaurants as well as Ex Libris are not operated by HHU, but rather by the Studierendenwerk organization. You can find current information about gastronomic facilities on the HHU campus on their website.

Video conferences and online teaching

[Last updated on: 6 September 2022]

ZIM has compiled various software tools, for example for video conferences, online teaching and a lot more: ZIM’s wiki.

We recommend CISCO Webex for video conferences. You need a license if you want to invite others to a video conference yourself. As an employee or student, you can activate the license yourself via a registration page. It takes around 30 minutes to create the account. You can then register with the Webex service at hhu.webex.com using your university ID in the format <Kennung>@hhu.de and start conferences. Your authentication takes place on HHU’s systems. The license can also be returned/deactivated via the registration page. Your Webex account will subsequently be deleted after seven days. You can also refer to a video tutorial that demonstrates how to use the registration procedure in the media library.

ZIM supports the use of Webex as the central software solution at HHU. University management also recommends using this programme because it promises the best data protection amongst the current videoconferencing cloud services currently available on the market and it is now used far more frequently than other cloud services.

There is no ban on using other services. However, HHU does not support these services.

More information and tips for organisers to ensure increased security of video conferences (Intranet).

Still have questions?

If you still have questions that haven’t been answered here, please send an e-mail to the .


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